RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

O.A. Andreeva

List of publications

  1. Anisotropy of the surface stiffness of He4 crystals
    JETP Lett. 46,200 (1987)
    co-author K.O. Keshishev
  2. Anisotropy of growth coefficient and surface hardness of the He4 crystals
    JETP Lett. 49,759 (1989)
    co-authors: K.O. Keshishev, S.Yu. Osipyan
  3. Identification of the facets of He4 crystals
    JETP Lett. 52,164 (1990)
    co-author K.O. Keshishev

    Thermodynamics and kinetics of crystal He4 surface
    PhD  thesis. Kapitza  Institute (1990)
    Supervisor K.O. Keshishev
  4. Solid-superfluid He4 interface
    Physica Scripta T39, 352 (1991)
    co-author K.O. Keshishev
  5. Anisotropy of surface stiffness, growth-kinetics and roughening transition in He4
    NATO Advanced Science Institute, Physics B257, 387 (1991)
    co-author K.O. Keshishev
  6. Growth kinetics of vicinal surfaces of He4 crystals
    Europhys. Lett. 19, 3316 (1992)
    co-authors: K.O. Keshishev, A.B. Kogan, A.N. Marchenkov
  7. Optical observation of He3 crystals down to 1 mK
    Physica B194, 961(1994)
    co-authors: R. Wagner, P.J. Ras, P. Remeijer, S.C. Steel, C.M. Vanwoarkens, G. Frossatti
  8. Observation of 3He Crystals Nucleation from the Superfluid Phases
    JLTP 101, 287 (1995)
    co-authors: Raymond Wagner, Staphen C. Steel, Alexei N. Marchenkov, Reyer Jochemsen, and Giorgio Frossati
  9. First Observation of (100) and (211) Facets on 3He Crystals
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 263 (1996)
    co-authors: Raymond Wagner, Stephen C. Steel, Reyer Jochemsen, and Giorgio Frossati
  10. Optical studies of He-3 crystals in high magnetic fields
    Czech. J. Phys. 46 485 (1996)
    co-authors: A. Marchenkov, R. Wagner, S. Steel, R. Jochemsen, G. Frossati
  11. Charge mobility anisotropy in hcp 4He crystals
    JETP Lett. 65, 95 (1997)
    co-authors: K.O. Keshishev and D.I. Kholin
  12. Charge transport in solid He4
    JLTP 110, 89 (1998)
    co-authors: K. Keshishev, D. Kholin, P. Kossyrev
  13. Cavitation in superfluid helium-4 at low temperature
    Eur. Phys. J. B2, 293 (1998)
    co-authors: H. Lambare, P. Roche, S. Balibar, H.J. Maris, C. Guthmann, K.O. Keshishev, E. Rolley
  14. Charge transport and vacancy energy spectrum in hcp He4
    Physica B284, 343 (2000)
    co-authors: K.O. Keshishev, A.D. Savishchev
  15. Cryostat for optical observations below 1 mK and in strong magnetic fields
    JLTP 124, 497 (2001)
    co-authors: R. van Rooijen, A. Marchenkov, H. Akimoto, P. van de Haar, R. Jochemsen, G. Frossati