RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

Natalia M. Kreines
List of publications

  1. Magnetic Properties of Trivalent Ions of Europium and Samarium
    JETP 2(4), 657 (1956)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  2. The Antiferromagnetism of Anhydrous Sulfates of Ni++, Fe++, Co++ and Cu++
    JETP 4, 109 (1957)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.R. Karasik
  3. An Anomalous Magnetic Transition in Anhydrous Copper Sulfate
    JETP 6, 862 (1957)
    co-author A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  4. Transition from the Antiferromagnetic into the Ferromagnetic State in CoSO4
    JETP 8, 735 (1959)
    co-author A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  5. Magnetic Anisotropy of Single Crystals in CuSO4 in the Antiferromagnetic State
    JETP 8, 972 (1959)
  6. Transition from an Antiferromagnetic State to a Weakly Ferromagnetic State in a Magnetic Field
    JETP 13(3), 534 (1961)
  7. Hexagonal Anisotropy in MnCO3 and CoCO3
    JETP 14(5), 1202 (1962)
    co-author Jan Kacer
  • Antiferromagnetism of anhydrous sulphate Mn, N, Fe, Co, and Cu
    PhD thesis, supervisor A.S. Borovik-Romanov, IPP AS USSR (1961)
  1. Antiferromagnetic Resonance in MnCO3
    JETP 18(4), 46 (1964)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, L.A. Prozorova
  2. Magnetic Properties of a Monoclinic Na2Mn2Si2O7 Single crystal
    JETP 26(3), 522 (1968)
    co-author O.V. Kachalov
  3. Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering in Calcite
    JETP 30(5), 850 (1970)
    co-authors B.N. Grechushnikov, O.V. Kachalov, M.A. Talalaev
  4. Weak Ferromagnetism in NiCo3
    JETP 31(2), 280 (1970)
    co-author T.A. Shal'nikova
  5. Magnetic Birefringence in Antiferromagnetic MnF2
    JETP Lett. 13(2), 80 (1971)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, M.A. Talalaev
  6. Spontaneous Magnetic Moment in the Direction of the Trigonal Axis in CoCO3
    JETP Lett. 15(9), 533 (1972)
    co-authors A.N. Bazhan
  7. The weak ferromagnetism of NiF2
    JETP 37(4), 695 (1973)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, A.N. Bazhan
  8. The magnetometer to determine the magnitude and direction of the magnetization in anisotropic crystals
    IET 1 (1973)
    co-authors A.N. Bazhan, A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  9. Magnetic birefringence of light in antiferromagnetic transition-metal fluorides
    JETP 37(5), 890 (1973)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, A.A. Pankov, M.A. Talalaev
  10. Magnetic birefringence of light in the antiferromagnetic MnCO3, CoCO3, and CsMnF3
    JETP 39(2), 378 (1974)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, A.A. Pankov, M.A. Talalaev
  11. Optical observation of antiferromagnetic resonance in CoCO3
    JETP 43(5), 1002 (1976)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Zhotikov, A.A. Pankov
  12. Scattering of light by spin waves in antiferromagnetic CoCO3
    JETP Lett. 24(4), 233 (1976)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Zhotikov, A.A. Pankov
  13. Microwave modulation of light by antiferromagnetic resonance in CoCO3
    JETP Lett. 23(12), 705 (1976)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Zhotikov, A.A. Pankov
  14. Scattering of light in weakly ferromagnetic CoCO3 following excitation of the spin system by large microwave power
    JETP Lett. 26(6), 496 (1977)
    co-authors V.G. Khotikov
  • Scattering of light by thermal and UHF excited magnons in antiferromagnetic substances
    Sov. Phys. Usp. 21 538 (1978)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Zhotikov
  • Brillouin-Mandelstam scattering of light in antiferromagnetic CoCO3
    Light Scattering in solids Plenum Publ. Corp., New York, 175 (1979)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Jotikov
  • Microwave and optical investigation of spin waves in antiferromagnets
    Sov.Scient.Rev. A1, 247 (1979)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Zhotikov, L.A. Prozorova, A.I. Smirnov
  • Scattering of light by spin waves of the low-frequency branch of the spectrum in weakly ferromagnetic CoCO3
    JETP 47(47), 1188 (1978)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Zhotikov
  1. Scattering of light by thermal and excited magnons in the weak ferromagnetic CoCO3
    Bulletin AS USSR: Physics 48, 1581, (1978)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Zhotikov, A.A. Pankov
  2. Piezooptic effect in MnF2
    JETP 50(6), 1198 (1979)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, J. Paces
  3. Scattering of light by parametric magnons and phonons in CoCO3
    JETP 50(6), 1202 (1979)
    co-author V.G. Zhotikov
  4. Light scattering from magnons and phonons excited by microwave pumping in antiferromagnets
    JMMM 15-18, 809 (1980)
    co-author V.G. Jotikov
  5. Brillouin-Mandelstam scattering from thermal and excited magnons
    JMMM 15-18, 760 (1980)
    co-author A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  6. Optical detection of ferromagnetic resonance in K2CuF4
    J. Phys. C13, 875 (1980)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov, R. Laiho, T. Levola, V.G. Zhotikov
  • Optical study of a spin system in antiferromagnets
    Doctor of Science Thesis, IPP AS USSR (1980)
  1. Antiferromagnetic carbonates of 3D-elements
    Kristallografiya 26(5), 1094 (1981)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.M. Egorov, N.Y. Ikornikova, V.I. Ozhogin, L.A. Prozorova
  2. Mandelstam-Brillouin scattering of light in antiferromagnets
    J.Appl.Phys. 53, 8157 (1982)
    co-author A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  3. Brillouin-Mandelstam scattering from thermal and excited magnons
    Phys.Rep. 81, 351 (1982)
    co-author A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  4. Mandelstam-Brillouin scattering of light on phonons in carbonates of manganese and cobalt
    Krystallografia 28, 713 (1983)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.G. Zhotikov, N.V. Zavaritskii, R. Laiho, T. Levola
  5. Light modulation by a magnetic resonance in a paramagnet
    JETP Lett. 38(10), 496 (1983)
    co-authors A.V. Butashin, S.O. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov
  6. Light scattering in ferrimagnetic RbNiF3
    JETP 59(6), 1323 (1984)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, S.0. Demokritov, S.V. Petrov
  7. Observation of a new light-scattering mechanism in an antiferromagnet
    JETP Lett. 41(1), 38 (1985)
    co-authors S.O. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov
  8. Study of antiferromagnetic resonance in EuTe by the method of inelastic scattering of light
    JETP 61(4), 801 (1985)
    co-authors A.S. Borovik-Romanov, S.0. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov
  • Brillouin-Mandelshtam scattering in magnetic materials
    Low Temperature Physics, MIR Publishers, Moscow, p.241 (1985)
    co-author A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  1. Observation of a new inelastic light scattering mechanism in an antiferromagnet in AFMR studies
    JMMM 54-57, 1181 (1986)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov, S.O. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov
  2. Scattering of light by magnons in two branches of the spectrum of antiferromagnetic EuTe
    JETP Lett. 43(6), 312 (1986)
    co-authors S.O. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov
  3. Inelastic scattering of light in the antiferromagnet EuTe
    JETP 65(2), 389 (1987)
    co-authors S.O. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov
  4. Ferromagnetic resonance and the phase diagram of a 2D ferromagnet (CH3NH3)2CuCl4
    JETP Lett. 46(3), 105 (1987)
    co-authors S.O.Demokritov, V.I. Kydinov, S.V. Petrov
  5. Inelastic light scattering by magnons in antiferromagnetic EuTe
    Journal de Phys. 49, 1581 (1988)
    co-authors: S.O. Demokritov, L.A. Klinkova, V.I. Kudinov
  6. Inelastic scattering of light by a dynamic domain wall
    JETP Lett. 48(5), 267 (1988)
    co-authors S.O.Demokritov, A.I.Kirilyuk, V.I. Kudinov, V.B. Smirnov, M.V. Chetkin
  7. Ferromagnetic resonance and magnetic structure of (CH3 NH3)2 CuCI4
    JETP 67(12), 2552 (1988)
    co-authors S.O. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov, S.V. Petrov, A.V. Chubukov
  • Inelastic light scattering by magnons in antiferromagnetic EuTe
    Laser Optic of Condensed Matter Plenum Press, N.Y.&London, 287 (1988)
    co-authors: S.O. Demokritov, N.M. Kreines, V.I. Kudinov
  • Light Scattering from Spin Waves
    "Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Sciences" ed. by V.M.Agranovich and A.A.Maradudin, v.22.1 - Spin Waves and Magnetic Exctations, ed. by A.S.Borovik-Romanov and S.K.Sinha, North-Holland, Amsterdam, Oxford, New York, Tokyo, p.81 (1988)
    co-author A.S. Borovik-Romanov
  1. Noncollinear magnetic structures in antiferromagnetic La2CuO4
    JETP Lett. 47(11), 600 (1988)
    co-authors A.S.Borovik-Romanov, A.I. Buzdin, S.S. Krotov
  2. Noncollinear magnetic structures in antiferromagnetic La2CuO4
    International Journal of Modern Physics B1, 1067 (1988)
    co-authors: A.S. Borovik-Romanov, A.I. Buzdin, S.S. Crotov
  3. Inelastic scattering of light by a dynamic domain wall
    IEEE Transactions on Mag. 25, 3479 (1989)
    co-authors: S.O. Demokritov, A.I. Kirilyuk, V.I. Kudinov, M.V. Chetkin, V.B. Smirnov
  4. Ferromagnetic resonance and the phase diagrams of the two-dimensional easy-plane ferromagnets (CH3NH3)2CuCI4 and K2CuF4
    JETP 68(6), 1277 (1989)
    co-authors S.O. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov, S.V. Petrov
  5. Frozen photoconductivity in YBaCuO films
    JETP Lett. 52(1), 696 (1990)
    co-authors A.I. Kirilyuk, V.I. Kudinov
  6. Photoinduced superconductivity in YBaCuO films
    Phys. Lett. A151, 358 (1990)
    co-authors: V.I. Kudinov, A.I. Kirilyuk, R. Laiho, E. Lahderanta
  7. FMR and phase diagram of easy plane 2D ferromagnets
    JMMM 91, 305 (1990)
    co-authors: S.O. Demokritov, V.I. Kudinov, S.V. Petrov
  8. Interaction of the moving domain wall with phonons
    JMMM 102, 339 (1991)
    co-authors: S.O. Demokritov, A.I. Kirilyuk, V.I. Kudinov, V.B. Smirnov, M.V. Chetkin
  9. Dependence of photoinduced superconductivity on illumination dose in YBa2Cu3O6+x films
    Phys. Lett. A 157, 290 (1991)
    co-authors: V.I. Kudinov, I.L. Chaplygin, A.I. Kirilyuk, R. Laiho. and E. Lahderanta
  10. Experimental apparatus for study of domain boundary dynamics by inelastic light scatering
    IET 34(3), 628 (1991)
    co-authors: S.O. Democritov, A.I. Kirilyuk, V.I. Kudinov
  11. Photoinduced Superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6+x Films
    Physica C 185-189, 751 (1991)
    co-authors: V.I. Kudinov, I.L. Chaplygin, A.I. Kirilyuk, R. Laiho, E. Lahderanta
  12. Persistent Photoconductivity in YBaCuO Films
    Physica C185-189, 1241 (1991)
    co-authors: V.I. Kudinov, I.L. Chaplygin, A.I. Kirilyuk
  13. Metastable Photoinduced Superconductivity in YBaCuO Films Close to Metal-Semiconductor Transition
    Modern Physics Letter B 6, 289 (1992)
    co-author V.I. Kudinov
  14. Interaction between the moving domain wall and acoustic phonons
    JMMM 104-107, 663 (1992)
    co-authors: S.O. Demokritov, A.I. Kirilyuk, V.I. Kudinov, V.B. Smirnov, M.V. Chetkin
  15. Spectrum of Persistent Photoconductivity in YBaCuO Films
    Solid State Communications 81, 41 (1992)
    co-authors: C. Ayache, I.L. Chaplygin, A.I. Kirilyuk, V.I. Kudinov
  16. Relaxation of frozen photoconductivity in YBa2Cu2O6+x (0
    JETP Lett. 56(2), 101 (1992)
    co-authors V.I. Kudinov, A.I. Kirilyuk
  17. Metastable photoinduced superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6.4 films near the semiconductor-metal transition
    Sov. Phys. Usp. 35(8), 720 (1992)
    co-author V.I. Kudinov
  18. Persistent Photoconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6+x Films as a Method of Photo-doping Toward Metallic and Superconducting Phase
    Phys. Rev. B47, 9017 (1993)
    co-authors: V.I. Kudinov, I.L. Chaplygin, A.I. Kirilyuk, R. Laiho, E. Lachderanta, C. Ayache
  19. High Field Faraday Rotation in a Thin Film of Single Crystal EuTe
    Physica B201, 438 (1994)
    co-authors: H. Hori, R. Akimoto, M. Kobayashi, S. Miyamoto, M. Furusawa, Yamagishi, M. Date
  20. FMR studies of magnetic ordering structure in Fe/Cr superlattices
    JMMM 177-181, 1189 (1998)
    co-authors: A.N. Kolmogorov, V.F. Mescheriakov
  21. Ferromagnetic resonance in multilayer [Fe/Cr]n structures with noncollinear magnetic ordering
    JETP Lett. 67, 727 (1998)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, N.M. Kreines, V.F. Meshcheriakov, M.A. Miliayev, L.N. Romashev, V.V. Ustinov
  22. The observation of non-homogeneous FMR modes in multilayer Fe/Cr structures
    JMMM 198-199, 455 (1999)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, D.I. Kholin, A.N. Kolmogorov, V.F. Mescheriakov, M.A. Miliaye, L.N. Romashev, V.V. Ustinov
  23. Inhomogeneous ferromagnetic resonance modes in [Fe/Cr]n superlattices with a high biquadratic exchange constant
    JETP 89, 986 (1999)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, O.V. Zhotikova, N.M. Kreines, V.F. Meshcheryakov, M.A. Milyaev, L.N. Romashev and V.V. Ustinov
  24. Temperature dependence of interlayer coupling in Fe/Cr superlattices - FMR studies
    JMMM 226-230, 1779 (2001)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, D.I. Kholin, O.V. Zhotikova, S.O. Demokritov
  25. Inhomogeneous FMR Modes in [Fe/Cr]n Superlattices with a Strong Biquadratic Coupling
    The Physics of Metals and Metallography 91, S38 (2001)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, D.I. Kholin, V.F. Mescheriakov, M.A. Milyaev, L.N. Romashev, V.V. Ustinov
  26. FMR Study of Interlayer Coupling in Fe/Cr Superlattices: Temperature Dependence
    The Physics of Metals and Metallography 91, S74 (2001)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, D.I. Kholin, O.V. Zhotikova, S.O. Demokritov, V.V. Ustinov
  27. Investigation of interlayer coupling in [Fe/Cr]n magnetic multilayer structures by the ferromagnetic resonance method
    Low Temp. Phys. 28, 581 (2002)
  28. Interlayer interaction in a Fe/Cr/Fe system: Dependence on the thickness of the chrome interlayer and on temperature
    JETP 95, 1062 (2002)
    co-authors: S.O. Demokritov, A.B. Drovosekov, D.I. Kholin,, H. Nembach, M. Rickart
  29. Temperature dependence of interlayer coupling in a Fe/Cr/Fe wege sample. MOKE and MBLS studies
    JMMM 258-259, 391 (2003)
    co-authors: Sergey O. Demokritov, Alexey B. Drovosekov, Dmitry I. Kholin
  30. Control of Interlayer Exchange Coupling in Fe/Cr/Fe Trilayers by Ion Beam Irradiation
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 097201 (2003)
    co-authors: S.O. Demokritov, C. Bayer, S. Poppe, M. Rickart, J. Fassbender, B. Hillebrands, D.I. Kholin, O.M. Liedke
  31. Noncollinear interlayer exchange in Fe/Cr/Fe magnetic structures with different interface roughnesses
    JETP Lett. 78, 627 (2003)
    co-authors: D.I. Kholin, S.O. Demokritov, M. Rikart
  32. Temperature dependence of interlayer coupling in a Fe/Cr/Fe wedge sample: static and dynamic studies
    JMMM 272-276, e963 (2004)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, S.O. Demokritov, D.I. Kholin, N.M. Kreines, H. Nembah, M. Rickart
  33. Ivestigations of Fe/Cr multilayers structures with ultrathin iron layers
    JMMM 290-291, 157 (2005)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, N.M. Kreines, M.A. Milyaev, L.N. Romashev, V.V. Ustinov
  34. Noncollinear Interlayer Coupling Exchange in Fe/Cr/Fe Magnetic Structures with Different Interface Roughnesses
    The Phys. of Met. and Metallography 101, S67 (2006)
    co-authors: D.I. Kholin, A.B. Drovosekov, S.O. Demokritov, M. Rickar
  35. Magnetization and FMR studies of [Fe/Cr]n structures with ultrathin iron layers
    Phys.Stat.Sol.(c) 3, 109 (2006)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, M.A. Milyaev, L.N. Romashev, V.V. Ustinov
  36. Interlayer magnetic coupling in multilayer magnetic Fe/Cr/Fe systems
    Bulletin RAS: Physics 71, 1541, (2007)
    co-author D.I. Kholin
  37. Spin-glass state of Fe/Cr multilayer structures with ultrathin iron layers
    JETP Lett. 88, 118 (2008)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, D.I. Kholin, A.V. Korolev, M.A. Milyaev, L.N. Romashev and V.V. Ustinov
  38. Magnetic states of multilayer Fe/Cr structures with ultrathin iron layers
    Low Temp. Phys. 36, 808 (2010)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, D.I. Kholin
  39. The interlayer exchange interaction in multilayer magnetic systems Fe/Cr/Fe
    LTP 38 826 (2012)
    co-authors: D.I. Kholin, S.O. Demokritov
  40. Interlayer coupling in Fe/Cr/Gd multilayer structures
    JETP 120, 1041 (2015)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, A.O. Savitsky, E.A. Kravtsov, D.V. Blagodatkov, M.V. Ryabukhina, M.A. Milyaev, V.V. Ustinov, E.M. Pashaev, I.A. Subbotin, G.V. Prutskov
  41. Iron borate films: Synthesis and characterization
    JMMM 417, 338 (2016)
    co-authors: S. Yagupov, M. Strugatsky, K. Seleznyova, Y. Mogilenec, E. Milyukova, E. Maksimova, I. Nauhatsky, A. Drovosekov, J. Kliava
  42. Magnetic anisotropy peculiarities of high-temperature ferromagnetic MnxSi1-x (x approximate to 0.5) alloy films
    EPL 115(3), 37008 (2016)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, A.O. Savitsky, S.V. Kapelnitsky, V.V. Rylkov, V.V. Tugushev, G.V. Prutskov, O.A. Novodvorskii, E.A. Cherebilo, E.T. Kulatov, Y. Wang, S. Zhou
  43. Magnetic anisotropy of polycrystalline high-temperature ferromagnetic MnxSi1-x (x≈0.5) alloy films
    JMMM 429, 305 (2017)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, A.O. Savitsky, S.V. Kapelnitsky, V.V. Rylkov, V.V. Tugushev, G.V. Prutskov, O.A. Novodvorskii, A.V. Shorokhova, Y.Wang, S. Zhou
  44. Magnetization and ferromagnetic resonance in a Fe/Gd multilayer: experiment and modelling
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29, 115802 (2017)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, A.O. Savitsky, E.A. Kravtsov, M.V. Ryabukhina, V.V. Proglyado, V.V. Ustinov
  45. Engineering of high-temperature ferromagnetic Si1-xMnx (x≈0.5) alloyed films by pulsed laser deposition: Effect of laser fluence
    JMMM 459, 206 (2018)
    co-authors: Parul Pandey, A.B. Drovosekov, M. Wang, C. Xu, S.N. Nikolaev, K.Yu. Chernoglazov, A.O. Savitsky, K.I. Maslakov, E.A. Cherebilo, V.A. Mikhalevsky, O.A. Novodvorskii, V.V. Tugushev, V.V. Rylkov, M. Helm, S. Zhou `
  46. Effect of Laser Fluence on Magnetic Properties of Thin MnxSi1-x (x≈0.5) Films Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition
    Physics of the Solid State 60(11), 2188 (2018) DOI: 10.1134/S1063783418110045
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, A.O. Savitsky, V.V. Rylkov, S.N. Nikolaev, K.Y. Chernoglazov, A,N, Taldenkov, E.A. Cherebylo, V.A. Mikhalevskii, O.A. Novodvorskii, K.I. Maslakov, P, Pandey, S. Zhou
  47. Effect of Cr Spacer on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe/Gd Multilayers
    JETP Lett 127(4), 742 (2018)
    co-authors: A.B. Drovosekov, M.V. Ryabukhina, D.I. Kholin, A.O. Savitsky, E.A. Kravtsov, V.V. Proglyado, V.V. Ustinov, T. Keller, Yu.N. Khaydukov, Y. Choi, D. Haskel