RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

V.V. Zav'yalov

List of publications

  1. Contineous measuring of coercitive force
    IET 3, 218 (1972)
    co-author A.B. Vaganov
  2. Current stabilizer for submillimeter gaz lazer
    IET 4, 187 (1973)
    co-authors G.D. Bogomolov, V.I. Voronin, I.N. Parfenov
  3. Determination of the properties of iron films during evaporation
    Sov. Phys. JETP 40, 1075 (1974)
    co-author A.B. Vaganov
  4. Frequency beats between orthogonal polarizations in a water-vapor laser
    JETP Lett. 20, 176 (1974)
    co-author G.D. Bogomolov
  • Refraction techniques applied to multifrequency submillimeter diagnostics of the moving UHF discharge
    Proceedings of "The Twelfth International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases" Eindhoven (1975)
    co-authors E.A. Tishchenko, V.G. Zatsepin
  • Water-vapor laser with generation of the orthogonal polarizations
    PhD thesis. Kapitza Institute&Phys. Lab. (1976) supervisors G.D. Bogomolov and P.L. Kapitza
  1. Scanning device for visualization of transverse destribution of submillimeter radiation-fields
    IET 19(6), 1702 (1976)
    co-authors V.I. Voronin
  • Measurement of the complex transmission coefficient in submillimeter diagnostics of the moving plasma filament by the converging wave beam
    XIIIth International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, Berlin, German Democratic Republic (1977)
    co-authors E.A. Tishchenko, V.G. Zatsepin, V.B. Lazarev
  1. A stable water-vapor discharge laser generating orthogonal polarizations
    IET 25, 708 (1982) co-author G.D. Bogomolov
  2. Experimental observation of a photoresonance of electrons localized above the surface of solid hydrogen
    JETP Lett. 44, 182 (1986)
    co-author I.I. Smol'yaninov
  3. Experimental observation of photoresonance in electrons above a solid hydrogen surface
    JETP 65, 194 (1987)
    co-author I.I. Smol'yaninov
  4. The microtron and the free electron laser
    Nucl. Instr.&Meth. A259, 285 (1987)
    co-authors S.P. Kapitza, G.D. Bogomolov, L.A. Wainshtein
  5. Pulsed magnet for commutation of packets of 15-MeV electron bunches
    IET 30, 1301 (1987)
    co-author V.K. Semenov
  6. Quantum refraction in gaseous H2, D2, Ne, and He for electrons levitating above the surface of crystalline hydrogen, deuterium, and neon
    JETP 67, 171 (1988)
    co-author I.I. Smol'yaninov
  7. Spectroscopic measurements of light emitted by scanning tunneling microscope
    Phys. Lett. A158, 337 (1991)
    co-authors V.S. Edelman, I.I. Smol'yaninov
  8. Modeling of a crossed-groove cavity in the 8 mm wavelength range
    Tech. Phys. Lett. 24, 777 (1998)
    co-authors F.F. Baryshnikov, G.A. Bogatova, G.D. Bogomolov, V.A. Ipatov, A.I. Kleev, V.V. Perebeinos, N.V. Cheburkin, and E.Yu. Shamparov
  • Electric field induced strong localization of electrons on solid hydrogen surface: possible applications to quantum computing
    co-author I.I. Smolyaninov
  1. A fast tunable detector of submillimeter waves on cyclotron resonance in an InSb crystal
    IET 45, 78 (2002)
    co-authors G.D. Bogomolov, E.A. Zotova, E.Yu. Shamparov
  2. Electron states above the surfaces of solid cryodielectrics for quantum-computing
    JLTP 138, 415 (2005)
    co-authors I.I. Smolyaninov, E.A. Zotova, A.S. Borodin, S.G. Bogomolov
  3. Generation of surface electromagnetic waves in terahertz spectral range by free-electron laser radiation and their refractive index determination
    Nucl. Instr.&Meth. A543, 96 (2005)
    co-authors G.D. Bogomolov, Uk Young Jeong, G.N. Zhizhin, A.K. Nikitin, G.M. Kazakevich, and Byung Cheol Lee
  4. First experiments on application of free-electron laser terahertz radiation for optical control of metal surfaces
    Surface 5, 57 (2005)
    co-authors G.D. Bogomolov, Young Uk Jeong, G.N. Zhizhin, A.K. Nikitin, G.M. Kazakevich, Byung Cheol Lee, T.A. Rijova
  5. Absorption of surface plasmons in a metal-cladding layer-air structure in the terahertz frequency range
    Optics&Spectroscopy 100, 734 (2006)
    co-authors G.N. Zhizhin, A.K. Nikitin, G.D. Bogomolov, Young Uk Jeong, Byung Cheol Lee, Seong Hee Park, Hyuk Jin Cha
  6. Absorption of surface plasmons in ``metal--cladding layer--air'' structure at terahertz frequences
    Infrared Physics&Technology 49, 108 (2006)
    co-authors G.N. Zhizhin, A.K. Nikitin, G.D. Bogomolov, Young Uk Jeong, Byung Cheol Lee, Seong Hee Park, Hyuk Jin Cha
  7. Two-color terahertz interferometer based on the frequency-splitted orthogonal polarization modes of the water vapor laser and designed for measuring the electron density profile in the L-2M stellarator
    Plasma Phys. Rep. 34, 199 (2008)
    co-authors A.A. Letunov, V.P. Logvinenko
  8. A two-channel two-frequency low-temperature photodetector at wavelengths of 119 and 220 um of an H2O laser
    IET 51, 428 (2008)
    co-authors E.A. Zotova, E. Yu. Shamparov
  1. Photo-electron emission directly in superfluid helium
    J. Phys. CS 969, 012085 (2018)
    co-authors: E.B. Pyurbeeva, and S.I. Khaldeev
  2. Examination of cryogenic filters for multistage RF filtering in ultralow temperature experiments
    J. Phys. CS 969, 012086 (2018)
    co-authors: S.A. Chernyaev, K.V. Shein, A.G. Shukaleva and K.Yu. Arutyunov