/* */ Vitaly V. Zavyalov, Kapitza Institute
RAS Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems RUS
Ph.d. Vitaly V. Zavyalov
Senior Research Fellow

Address: KIPP RAS, 119334, ul. Kosygina 2, Moscow, Russia
Fax: +74956512125
Phone: +74991370998
e-mail: zav@kapitza.ras.ru

Current research: terahertz spectroscopy, surface electromagnetic waves, 2D-electron states, cryocristals
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CV list of publications
ORCID iD iconhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-8279-0856
Recent publications
  • G.N. Zhizhin, A.K. Nikitin, G.D. Bogomolov, V.V. Zavialov, Young Uk Jeong, Byung Cheol Lee, Seong Hee Park, Hyuk Jin Cha,
    Absorption of surface plasmons in ``metal--cladding layer--air'' structure at terahertz frequences.
    Infrared Physics & Technology, v.49, pp.108-112 (2006)

  • A.A. Letunov, V.P. Logvinenko and V.V. Zav'yalov,
    Two-color terahertz interferometer based on the frequency-splitted orthogonal polarization modes of the water vapor laser and designed for measuring the electron density profile in the L-2M stellarator.
    Plasma Physics Reports 34, No. 3,pp. 199-202 (2008)

  • V.V. Zavyalov, E.A. Zotova, and E.Yu. Shamparov,
    A two-channel two-frequency low-temperature photodetector at wavelengths of 119 and 220 um of an H2O laser
    Instruments and Experimental Techniques, Vol. 51, No. 3, pp. 428-433 (2008),

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