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  • NMR studies of liquid 3He and 3He-4He solutions at superlow temperatures. Dmitriev, Yudin
  • Helium crystals: thermodynamic and kinetic phenomena in the bulk and on the surface. Keshishev, Boldarev
  • Spin dynamics. Smirnov, Svistov, Glazkov, Sosin
  • Multilayer magnetic systems. Ferromagnetic resonance and optical studies. Kreines, Drovosekov, Kholin
  • NMR study of antiferromagnets. Tikhonov
  • Liquid-liquid interfaces. Tikhonov
  • SQUID study of surface and twins superconductivity. Khlyustikov
  • HTSC-oxides and related compounds studied by mid- and far-IR reflectance spectroscopy. Tishchenko
  • Superconductivity and electronic properties of complex oxides. Mitin
  • NMR study of superconductors. Nikolaev
  • Terahertz spectroscopy. Zav'yalov
  • Scanning tunel microscopy/spectroscopy of surface of metals at low temperatures. Edelman, Troyanovsky

  • Quantum fluids and solids. Andreev, Marchenko, Melnikovsky; Fomin, Surovtzev
  • Superconductivity. Fomin, Kagan, Podolyak
  • Bose-Einstein condensation, Casimir forces. Pitaevskii
  • Field theory and critical phenomena. Suslov
  • Gravitation. Meierovich
  • Research, design and testing of cryogenic helium systems. Butkevitch
  • Electrodynamics of waveguides and resonators. Bogomolov, Kleev, Manenkov
  • Numerics. Podolyak
  • Designing and constructing resistive and superconductive magnetic systems. Lugansky
  • Designing of dilution microcryostats. Edel'man, Khlyustikov
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